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NetBright® Intelligent Networked Wireless Lighting

Wireless Security Lights

Change the way you protect your home with NetBright Spotlights, wireless security lights that create an affordable “smart home” lighting system. The spotlights contain NetBright technology, which allows the outdoor security lights to communicate with each other so when one light detects motion, all other lights on the network will turn on. The NetBright Spotlights contain signature Mr Beams features, like motion activation, automatic shut off, battery operation, weatherproof seals and dusk-to-dawn light sensor. Combined with new NetBright technology, these spotlights allow you to create a simple, affordable and customizable outdoor security lighting system. Learn more about our motion sensor light
Like other Mr Beams motion sensor lights, you can expect approximately one year of battery life for each light with average use of 8-10 activations per day.
Create up to four separate zones with up to 50 motion sensor lights each that operate independently of one another. Use this feature to create a network of wireless security lights that activate and illuminate specific areas of your property to prevent unnecessary activation of specific lights. 

Customers rave about the bright light and sense of security they feel having the lights installed:

“One light goes on, the other one follows seconds after. Nice and bright – a must have.” – BKOlson

“I feel much more secure having two lights on the front and two others (working independently) to the back of my home.” – Richard

Instantly increase the security of your home with NetBright Spotlights by installing the weatherproof lights on:

Learn more about NetBright wireless security lights:

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