Our Technology

In 2006, our founders saw what it took to install a light that would turn on automatically when a closet door was opened. You had to call an electrician or do it yourself to wire from a detector switch to a light socket. We thought there must be a better way. After some research we came to the conclusion that there was nothing on the market to solve this problem the way it should be solved so we decided to build our own. At first it was just a detector switch that could wirelessly control a light socket. We quickly developed the vision that this application was ideal for LED lighting. The idea was that we could build an LED light that was bright enough for the closet, battery powered so that it could be installed anywhere and had intelligent controls through RF or motion sensor control to turn on automatically. This idea of off grid lighting, with absolutely no connection to AC or grid power, sparked the direction of Wireless Environment LLC. and Mr Beams™.