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Mr. Beams featured on Good Housekeeping!

We are thrilled to announce we were selected as by Good Housekeeping Magazine as a VIP 2013 Award Winner! This VERY IMPORTANT PRODUCT award came with high praise. According to Good Housekeeping Editor-in-Chief Rosemary Ellis, "Everybody should have one of these." The article goes on to say: ReadyBright™ is a "smart safety innovation every family should consider." Anderson Cooper also reviewed ReadyBright™, saying: "This system is TERRIFIC! I wish I'd had it when I lost power after Superstorm Sandy." Our selection by Good Housekeeping led to an amazing spot on the TODAY SHOW as well! It was quite a winter for ReadyBright™. Do you want your house to be better prepared for your next power outage? Get your Mr Beams™ ReadyBright™ today!

DIY I Want That ShowMr Beams™ was featured on the DIY Network's I WANT THAT show on April 10th, 2013. Our ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lighting System was featured as one of the products they wanted for their home! They discussed using ReadyBright™ as a power failure system for the home they were working on, and installed the lights throughout their home. We are thrilled to have made our DIY Network premiere. Thanks to I WANT THAT for sharing our lights with the DIY crowd!

USA Today recommends Mr Beams Home Power Outage Lighting SystemAs USA Today writes: "If the power goes out, you don't have to be in the dark. The Mr. Beams™ ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lighting System system features battery-operated emergency lights that automatically turn on during a power outage. Set up is simple: Plug a power detector into a wall outlet. When the power goes out, the power detector will turn on the emergency LED lights via a wireless signal. Priced at $100, the ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lighting System from Wireless Environment contains a power outage detector, two ceiling lights and a stair and path light." Read the full review here: USA Today

Home Power Outage Lighting System Recommended by The New York TimesFrom The New York Times: The recent shock of a pre-Halloween winter storm has left many people without power. Next time, those in the dark may want to check out a new product called Mr Beams™ -- a wireless emergency light kit intended to protect you in the case of a power failure. A small remote control/flashlight plugs into any spare outlet and monitors the power. When the power lines go down, the remote signals for the other Mr Beams™ devices in the house to light up, thereby giving you a few hours of bright LED light while you wait for the end of the ice storm. Read the fully story here. 

Geek Dad recommends Mr Beams ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lights 

A little over a year ago, James Floyd Kelly a.k.a GeekDad from wrote a review on our ReadyBright Home Power Outage System that we wanted to share. John acknowledged the importance of our system because there were 1.2 million Americans without power at the time of his article. He was also preparing for a thunderstorm the day before the 4th of July that may have had a significant impact on his power. When the power would go out in his house, he had to navigate through his unorganized workshop in the dark; a hassle that many of us can relate to. Here is a simple explanation as to how ReadyBright™ works from James’ review:

“I tested the system by first plugging in the Power Outage Detector in an unused outlet on the first level. It comes with a rechargeable battery that you install, and it also functions as a remote control. The emergency lights are designed to run for 30 minutes before turning off. A simple press of a button on its face immediately turns on all emergency lighting again. Oh, and the remote control also serves as a flashlight with a very bright LED on its front.”

LifeHacker recommends Mr Beams lightsLifeHacker makes a strong recommendation for Mr Beams™ lights: "Mr Beams™ Motion Sensing LEDs Light Up Any Room or Closet Without Wires, Screws, or Hassle. Seldom do new apartments come with enough lighting built-in. If you need a bit more light in certain corners of your home, the Mr. Beams motion sensing LEDs are a great solution. Mr Beams™ is a line of super-convenient wall lights that can light up pretty much any portion of your house..." Click here for the full review Reviews Mr Beams Home Power Outage Lighting System"Ever been in a public building when the power has gone out? If you're lucky, emergency lighting will kick on, helping you out of the building. Until recently, the only way for homeowners to install a power outage system is through a system aimed at commercial buildings or with those chintzy flashlights that plug into receptacles. The problem with the commercial system is expensive; the problem with the second system, if you can call it that, has less to do with the lousy, weak flashlights than with the outlets." Read the full review here:

Trend Central Praises Mr Beams for "Easy-to-Install" Backup Lighting SystemFrom TrendCentral: "Supermarket shelves on the East Coast were wiped clean of candles, flashlights and batteries, among other provisions, well before Hurricane Irene made landfall. Those who didn't beat the crowds could only hope they wouldn't be one of the millions to lose power. To alleviate worry over living in darkness, entrepreneur David Levine created the easy-to-install Mr Beams™ ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lighting System. A plug-in power detector senses when electricity is lost, whereupon LED lights illuminate the house via a wireless signal. The system can support more than 30 lights placed up to 70 feet away for 40 hours—enough time to weather the storm before a utility crew arrives." See the full story here

Celebrity Cafe Reviews Mr Beams Home Power Outage Lighting SystemGreat praise for Mr Beams™ ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lighting System from The Celebrity Cafe: "9/22/2011 - President of Wireless Lighting, David Levine, knew that people in the Northeast who lost power during Hurricane Irene were not exactly prepared for the storm's power. It knocked electricity out in the homes of nearly 8 million Americans. Levine is a pioneer in wireless lighting, so to combat future crises, he released the ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lighting System. It is a great piece of innovation, which can help people who are without power hours after a storm. If you are not the do-it-yourself type, you can still install it easily, so as soon as the power goes, you will be ready. The system has a unique way of turning on via a wireless signal, thanks to a power detector that plugs right into your wall. It works instantly, and can even be customized to light only the rooms the customer specifies. Without a doubt, this is a must-have product for those that live in areas frequently hit by storms. It is available as individual lights or as a set that is easily affixed to any wall or ceiling..." Read the rest here: The Celebrity Cafe/a>


HomeGear reviews Mr recommends the Home Power Outage Lighting System for Hurricane Preparedness! As they write: "... In other words, the Mr Beam™ system provides reliable backup light during power outages. We found that it was easy to install, even if you know nothing about electronics. Once installed, the lights automatically received a wireless signal through the kit's patent-pending Power Outage Detector, which plugs directly into any electrical outlet. The power detector monitors the electricity in your home so it can turn the backup lights on as soon as a power outage occurs. This device also serves as a flashlight and a remote control that lets you light specific areas of your home as needed." Read the full review here: calls Mr Beams Home Power Outage Lighting System "fantastic" offers a STRONG RECOMMEND (their highest rating) and a very positive review of our ReadyBright™ Power Outage Lighting System. "We're already big believers in the the Mr Beams™ Anywhere Ceiling Light, an overhead lighting solution which actually provides usable light instead of the weak cheese, puny spotlights sold at Home Depot and other big box stores... Recently the folks at Mr Beams™ followed up and sent their latest new bit of tech, this one not so much designed for everyday use, but in times of emergency, when the power goes out and you need some light to guide your way over to wherever you stow away your candles and stash of emergency provisions." For the full review:

handyman-logoOur Mr Beams™ Home Power Outage Lighting System was nominated for the 2011 HANDY Innovation Award by the The Handyman Club of America. The club reviews outstanding products, and we are honored to be included among their 2011 nominees. Have a look at all the nominees here, and please consider voting for our Home Power Outage Lighting System! We'll find out who is the winner in the December 2011/January 2012 issue of the Handyman Club of America. Click here for the full story, nominees, and to vote!


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