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Mr Beams FAQ

Product Orders/Returns/Shipping

  • I placed an order. How do I know it went through?

    • You will receive a confirmation email for your order once your payment has gone through.
    • When will my order ship?
      All orders placed Monday - Saturday will ship in 24 hours. Any orders placed after 2 p.m on Saturday thru Sunday will be shipped out first thing Monday morning. Any orders placed on a Holiday will ship the following day.
    • When can I expect my product to arrive and through what service?
      Orders are shipped via DTDC. They estimate a 3-7 day ship time, how ever Mr.Beams India does not guarantee shipment will arrive in that time frame.
    • How much do I pay for shipping?
      We currently offer free shipping across India for all orders. All orders placed outside India will be charged the actual shipping costs as estimated by us. In order to see the cost of shipping, you will need to proceed out to check out with your intended purchase.
    • Where can I find active coupon codes and discount products on Visit our Special Offers page to view current sales, coupons and specially price products.
    • I think I placed a duplicate order.

    • You will receive a confirmation email for any order placed. If you only receive one confirmation, it is not likely that two orders were placed. We review orders before shipping and contact our customers on any orders that look like duplicates (same product order, shipped to same address). If you are unsure, please email us at and we can verify your purchase.

    Product Defects/Warranty

    • My Mr. Beams product stopped working, how do I take advantage of the 1 year warranty?

    • We back our products 100%. If you have any issues with your product after purchase, please fill out the Return Inquiry Form under the support section and you will be contacted within 48 hours. Please be as descriptive as possible when describing issue you are having with the light. 


    • How do the Mr. Beams Motion Sensing Lights work?

    • All Mr. Beams Motion Sensing LED Lights have light sensors, motion sensors and auto-shut off. This allows the lights to only work in the dark, when motion is sensed and will shut off after the auto-shut off time listed in the instructions. View our Installation Videos for more details on the product you are interested in. 
    • How do I test my Mr. Beams Motion Sensing Light?

    • To test a Mr Beams Motion Sensing Light before installation or at any time, it is recommended to put fresh batteries in and take it into a dark room. Leave the room to avoid your motion retriggering it. The light will shut off after a minute or two (the motion sensor may need time to settle immediately after putting the batteries in). When you walk into the room, the motion sensor should trigger turning the light on.
    • Do I need special batteries for my Mr. Beams Motion Sensing Light?

    • You can purchase regular Alkaline batteries at any store. If preferred, you can also purchase NiMH Rechargeable batteries. See more information on batteries here.
    • How often will I need to replace batteries?

    • We estimate the number of activations via the motion sensor to provide a typical battery life of one year. The battery life will vary depending on the application but this was our goal in the design of this product. Some customers will experience more than a year and some customers will experience less than a year. If your lights are in a high traffic area, or are exposed to extreme temperatures, this will cause you batteries' life span to be less than a year.
    • How do I install my light?

    • Please visit the support section and find the user manual and installation video for each product. 
    • I need a product that will activate regardless of ambient light. What solutions do you have?

    • All Mr. Beams lights were designed to only activate in darkness. However, if you’d like to install a light in a location that may not be dark enough, we have offered to remove the light sensor as a special request. If you’ve already purchased your light and would like further instruction on removing the light sensor yourself, please contact us at
    • I need a product that will stay on for long periods of time.

    • Currently, all Mr. Beams motion sensing lights were designed with an auto shut-off feature to conserve battery life. They were not created to stay on for longer periods of time. However, our ReadyBright line of battery operated products can be used as a portable lighting system, allowing you to use the remote to turn the lights on and off for up to 40 hours.
    • Can Mr. Beams products be used outdoors?

    • Yes! All of the other Mr. Beams products were designed with weatherproof seals to hold up in harsh weathers and water – with the exception of the MB852 / MB862 Slim Lights. Note- Mr. Beams products are water-resistant, but should not be submerged in water.
    • Will cold weather affect my light?

    • Your Mr. Beams light will not be affected by cold weather. The light may appear dimmer in colder weather because the batteries are providing less power. We recommend Lithium batteries if you live in colder temperatures.  To learn more best battery choice for cold temperatures click here.
    • What are Lumens?

    • Lumens are the total amount of light that are emitted by a light source. More lumens means more light. Mr. Beams lights are anywhere between 10 lumens (Stick Anywhere Night Light) and 300 Lumens (UltraBright Spotlight). To find out how many lumens and what product(s) would work for your needs, check out our Brightness Comparison images to see how bright each of our LED lights are.  
    • I lost my user guide and cannot remember how to install my lights.

    • If you happen to lose your user guide, you can click on the User Guide tab under supprt. From there you can download a PDF version of any Mr Beams User Manual. 
    • The user guide is confusing, is there any other way for me to learn how to install my light?

    • As an alternative to user guides, we also have installation videos for each Mr Beams product. There are two ways to get to your respective installation video: you can either go to your product page and click on the installation video tab right below the product specifications or you can find your installation video under the support tab with all of our other Mr Beams products.

    Product Testing/Troubleshooting

    • I put the batteries in and the light won’t turn on.

    • Please make sure you have inserted brand new Alkaline batteries in the correct manner and the battery door is holding the batteries securely in place. Take the light in a dark room or closet and set it on a surface facing the wall opposite the door. Give the light about a minute for the batteries to start working. Walk past the light. If it does not activate, please fill out the Return Form and we will respond via email within 48 hours with further instructions.
    • My Mr. Beams Light stays on constantly/turns on and off constantly.

    • Please make sure you have inserted brand new alkaline batteries into your unit. If you have another set around to test or have had your lights installed and it suddenly stopped working, please insert a new set of batteries. 95% of the time this issue is caused by old or drained batteries. Secondly, try testing your light in a dark closet or room as mentioned in the previous question to make sure that something in the environment is not activating the light. Once you have checked the above items, if the light still does not turn off, please fill out the Return Form and we will respond via email within 48 hours with further instructions.
    • My light turns on the moment I put the batteries in. Is it defective?
      Battery powered products may take a short time to stabilize when new batteries are inserted. If your light turns on the moment as soon as the batteries are in, place it on a flat surface in a lit area and stand out of range of the motion sensor until the light shuts off. Once the light shuts off it should perform correctly, only activating with motion in the dark.

    Remote Controlled Lights

    • How far will the remote control work?

    • Does it have to be in direct range to work?
      The remote control on the MB542 & MB371 will work within 70 feet. Your remote does not require line of sight and will work without having to directly point the remote at the unit. The distance can be slightly reduced by walls or other objects in the frequency's path. Read more tips on using our remote controlled outdoor lights here.  
    • Can I activate multiple Mr. Beams products with my remote?

    • Yes. You also have the ability to choose what lights are activated with a specific remote. Inside the remote controlled units and remotes, you will find 4 dip switches that you can program to match specific remotes. This will allow you to set up certain lights using one remote and others on a different. Click here to read more details.
    • I need a product that will only work with a remote. Can I remove the motion sensor?

    • Our MB985 Ceiling Light and MB785 Stick Anywhere Light can be activated using the MB220 Remote Control/Flashlight. Each light will provide up to 40 hours of light on one set of batteries. The Remote Control/Flashlight can be charged in any wall outlet. If you are interested in only using a remote control to activate a MB371 Spotlight or MB542 Path Light you can remove the motion sensor. Please keep in mind, all Mr. Beams lights have an auto shut off feature and will automatically turn off after the set time. If you’d like information on removing the sensor, please email us at
    • My remote control doesn’t activate my light, what do I do?

    • If your remote control light does not turn on using your remote, please check the following:
      • When you click ON with the remote, does the red indicator light at the end light up?

      • Please double check that the remote batteries are inserted correctly and the battery lid is holding the batteries securely in place.
      • Does your light activate with motion? 

      • If not, please check that batteries are inserted correctly and are holding securely with the battery lid. If it does activate with motion, please double check that the 4 dip switches on the remote control match the 4 dip switches on the light you are trying to activate.
    • Please fill out the Return Inquiry Form and provide the information above. You will be contacted within 48 hours with further instructions.


    • What retail stores carry Mr. Beams products?

    • The majority of our products are sold through on line distributors including through our web site. We are excited to announce that some of our MrBeams product line will be available in select retail / electrical stores. Check with your local store to see if they carry it. Our web site offers quick shipping in India and orders are shipped in 48 hours. See shipping section for more details.
    • I’m interested in becoming a reseller. What is the process?

    • Please visit our Distributor Inquiry section under the About tab on this site for more information on becoming a reseller. To view our current list of Indian distributors click here.

    ReadyBright FAQ

    • What lights will my ReadyBright Flashlight work with?

    • The ReadyBright Flashlight/Remote will send a signal via remote control and/or during a power outage to any ReadyBright products. This includes the ReadyBright Ceiling Light (MB985), ReadyBright Stair/Path Light (MB785) Note: The Mr. Beams line of motion activated lights will not work with the ReadyBright Flashlight/Remote.
    • Can I use multiple Flashlight/Remotes in my home?

    • Yes, you can purchase any number of ReadyBright Flashlights in your home. 
    • Do ReadyBright Lights also activate with motion?

    • No, ReadyBright Lights are only activated with the Power Outage Flashlight when the power goes out OR using the Flashlight as a remote to turn on the lights at anytime.
    • What if I’m not home and the power goes out?

    • The ReadyBright system has a 30 minute auto-shut off to conserve batteries if you are not home. If the Flashlight/Remote is not pulled out of the outlet or used within 30 minutes, all lights will turn off.
    • What is the red light on my ReadyBright lights?

    • The red light on your ReadyBright Light will go on when the batteries are low. This is an indication that you should change the batteries.

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