Hear what Mr Beams Customers have to Say

General Mr. Beams

"I'm a big fan of your products, I have about 10 of them in and around my home. I've even made gifts of your outdoor spotlights to neighbors"! -JB Mabry Greensburg, PA

"I am 90 and my wife, Phyllis, is 88 and the 4 lights we purchased are still showing us the way during the night". -Donald M.


UltraBright Spotlights

"I am writing to say how much I love the Motion-Sensing Outdoor Security Ultrabright Spotlight mb390. It is really easy to install and it takes less than 5 minutes to have it working more. It works very well and covers a great distance very happy with product." -Neil

"I could not be happier! The amount of light on these is perfect! Its more than double brighter than my original MB360. This light deserves the title "UltraBright" and everything else works the same as on the MB360" -Ava B

"The light is very bright, much brighter than I thought it would be. It covers about as much area as I thought it would. It is very easy to install". -Karl S



"How did I live without this product? There are so many dark places around my house that I never wanted to pay an electrician to wire. Just take one of these Spotlights, put the batteries in, attach with two screws and you have light"! -Darby B

"I put this outside so that I can see the dogs in the fenced yard and know when they are ready to come back in. Very effective. The cat thinks it is his personal spot light as he has a flare for drama". -Rob

"My in-laws moved into a condo recently and the sidewalk isn't well lit. They tried solar garden lights, but between being on the shady side of the house and have an abundance of little lizards who like to sunbathe on the solar cells (they live in Florida), the lights didn't charge and weren't bright enough when they did.

Your Outdoor Security Spotlights provided a great solution. They were easy to install and position. The light they put out covers a broad area and illuminates it with a pleasant light. They aren't harsh like regular floodlights so they won't be a nuisance to neighbors.

I was concerned about how weatherproof they might be. The evening I put them up a rather dramatic thunderstorm came. They weathered it without any worries, coming on as expected. How their plastic housings will stand up to the Florida sun and what effect that may have on battery life remains to be seen. The UV can be brutal.

Over all I am very pleased with your product. Easy to install -- no wiring! Works as advertised. Provides an ample pool of light that is easy on the eyes. You are definitely on my recommended products list"! -Brandon W.

Spotlight with Remote Control

"I have placed the Mr. Beams Remote Control Sensor Light over my basement door where my lawn mower and tools are kept. I have a pad lock that someone has tried to pry off. That has been replaced and the Mr. Beam Remote Control Sensor Light installed. The light illuminates the backyard real good and I can see anyone going into the storage area. Works marvelous". -Regina C.

"This week I bought a battery powered sensor light to go above my front door.  I am not a very poor Do-it-Yourselfer but I have just fixed it up, and it worked first time"!

-Brian C

"I have raccoons in my backyard, and a little dog that needs to 'go out' at night.   At least, I will know if the raccoons are around when the spotlights go on. I love the fact that they are weatherproof and have a timer". -Ann F.


Path Lights

"I received 2 Motion-Sensing Outdoor Path Lights (MB572).  I am really impressed at how much they light up my patio.  I put one in a planter outside my back door and the other in the grass at the end of the patio where I take my dog out.  It was nice to have them light up when I walked out the door.  I used to use a flashlight at night, to check for skunks, etc. before I let his leash loose to allow him to do his business. I will be recommending them to friends"!!! -Donna S 

"I would have to say for a little item that light is extremely bright and I really like the fact that it can be moved with ease to any location since there's no wires". -Sharlene R. Little Egg Harbor, NJ


Ceiling Light

"It was nice to add a light that would only come on when I stepped foot in my shower ". -Patrick M.

"This is exactly what I needed for my closet. I'm not sure how I lived without one". -Charles B. Des Moines, IA

"I've been so happy with my lights that I just ordered one to be sent to a friend in Michigan as a "thank you" gift to him while we vacationed there.  I'm also about to order another spotlight... again this is a gift to a neighbor who watched over our place while we were on vacation and took care of our horses... and I'm ordering a ceiling light for our walk-in closet. Thanks for such great products." -Cynthia T.


Slim Lights

"I received the 2 MB852 lights which gives me the extra light I need for preparing these medications. I plan to add more light as soon possible. I thank you for such a wonderful product but more so for the understanding, compassion and personal interest your company showed me.  You will NEVER be forgotten". -Detrect S.


Stick Anywhere Night Light

"It was just the right amount of light for my hallway. Not only was it bright, but I did not have to sacrifice looks". -Susanne B. 

"I installed one in my second floor hallway which has 30 or so various sized picture frames hanging as a gallery but at night when we were turning on the lights sometimes pictures would fall and the frames would break. I have quite a few empty spaces on my hallway walls now but with the Stick it Anywhere Night Lite. We don't have to touch the walls or search for switches and its bright enough to illuminate the area without blinding me or making me uncomfortable." -Angela B. Miami, FL

"They are working perfectly, are sensitive and bright just right and very helpful for my special needs son's night trips to the restroom. Thank you once again" -R. Krupa


UltraBright Lantern

"Love this light it is perfect for camping or to just keep in your car for emergencies. I really like that if something happens we have a light and I can even charge my iPhone". -Angie


ReadyBright Power Outage System

"I was looking for a system that wasn't disposable like many out there. Being able to replace the batteries and have backups of common cells is fantastic and GREEN! I hate the disposable products where you can't change the batteries in them.


I'm a massage therapist and would love to use this system in my office. If the power should go out my clients could move and walk safely (and a session can continue without interruption)". -Ryan